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Bistorant (English)

2015. április 27. - kormosgergo

Just as we thought there were no more surprises left for us having tasted half the hamburger varieties the city offers, and dismissing the other half as unworthy of testing, there came Bistorant, turning everything upside down.


Gastronomy enthusiasts are welcome at the recently renovated catering unit in centrally located Oroszlán Street lined with newly-opened cool bistros. We really liked the style of the place. The former elegant interior has been turned into a youthful modern place of friendly atmosphere, where you can even watch a Pick Szeged handball match while drinking beer with friends.


At present the place has two kinds of hamburgers on the menu, one is called Bistroburger, the other Retroburger. Having made our orders, we killed the ten-fifteen minutes it took our hamburgers to reach us sipping delicious lemonade.


Upon being served the Bistroburger offered us a really pleasant sight.


The bun is slightly sweet, probably butter-toasted with a really pleasant texture, easy to swallow, not dry at all. It is made on the spot and so is the ketchup-mayo based yummy sauce spread generously over the toasted bun surface. The cap of the bun is lying askew on the plate, its place being taken by two crunchy bacon rashers leaning against each other. Special mention should be made of the red onion marmalade hiding under the bacon. Seasoning is well-balanced, with the distinctive flavor of cumin and thyme apparent at first bite – however, neither spice is overbearing. The taste of the goat cheese was in perfect harmony with the red onion marmalade and the meat underneath. If we dismiss the misconception that goat cheese always has an intensive and characteristic taste, then on a scale from light to strong I would call it medium. Not only is it made from one of the healthiest varieties of milk, it also gives the burger a special distinctive taste.


Going from top to bottom we get to the meat patty. The very first bite confirms that the beef is pure and of excellent quality.  The 150-gramm patties are made from ground neck and Worcestershire sauce is added during the cooking process.


The meat was medium, the inside beautifully pink, and it seemed to me as if special care had been taken to keep the length of the grind strand to prevent the patty from becoming too dense. The coleslaw is not served in a separate bowl this time. It is hiding under the meat as an essential part of our hamburger. Let me reassure everybody in advance that the cold salad does not cool the meat down at all. On the contrary, the simultaneous presence of cold and warm offers a really exciting sensation to the taste buds. The overall flavor is very pleasant, the cabbage is fresh and the proportion of the mayonnaise is also appropriate. 


Even if you are averse to goat cheese, however, you do not have to miss the burger experience, as Retroburger is made with melted Cheddar.


It is just as perfect as Bistroburger with fresh tomato and lettuce in it. The slightly sweet mixed vegetable pickles between the patty and the lettuce leaf offer a real retro taste.


The garnish is home-baked jacket potatoes, probably pre-cooked, the inside being perfectly soft. Only salt is added, but we did not miss any other spices – except for a fine dip, perhaps, but not even that, really.


HUF 1,980 for a Bistroburger and  HUF 1,650 for a Retroburger is very good value for money if both the quality of the hamburgers and the excellent service in a cool environment are taken into consideration.





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